Awaken Your Giant Within ..

Awaken Your Giant Within is about creating breakthroughs. This is our most popular module that has been taken by over 1L people. It is an extraordinary life changing workshop where you will break through your fear and step into power. You will create unstoppable momentum in your life, activate the driving force that moves you into massive action, be able to place yourself in a peak emotional, mental and physical state instantly, identify and replace all your limiting beliefs to gain substantial results. You will start practicing true leadership. You will turn your dreams into reality with the power of neuro success conditioning. You will learn the master principles for a vital life and experience the power of pure energy, dramatically increased energy, vitality and enthusiasm. You will break through from the prisonership of your past. You will live a life that you love and live it with power and passion and with complete self expression. You will design a new destiny and navigate towards a new life by learning the power of goal setting.

Module Highlights

  1. How to develop the attitude of a Leader and start practicing true Leadership.
  2. How to change their current thinking to “Leadership Thinking”.
  3. How to break free from their prisonership of their past, breakthrough their fear and step into Power.
  4. How to lead a vital life full of energy and enthusiasm.
  5. How to create an unstoppable momentum that will trigger massive action.
  6. How to operate from a state of deep passion and organizational pride.
  7. How to become self-motivated and operate more as a self-starter.
  8. How to develop more responsibility, accountability, and ownership.
  9. How to proactively implement organizational strategy, cope in uncertain times, and meet the changing business conditions and needs.
  10. How to set increasingly challenging goals to avoid complacency, and reinventing a new future
  11. Setting individual stretch goals and the detailed roadmap.



This is a high energy workshop where participants dance with a lot of passion; there are plenty of exercises, activities; music-aided success visualizations; breath taking lectures, inspirational films, that sweep the participants off their feet; a karate style dramatic board breaking exercise; fire eating exercise; high decibel music and dance; inspirational storytelling, super charged environment—an immersion experience for the participants that is profoundly transformational.


At the end of the program, the participants make their business goals that are specific, measurable and time bound – they then make a granular roadmap on how to achieve the goals. We also then design the respective performance monitoring mechanism. At the end they make an oath document where everyone pledges their commitment for an outstanding performance.