Breaking Through ..

In an ultra – competitive market only the most aggressive, knowledgeable and highly prepared sales team will survive. To ensure that your Company’s profitability is constantly on the up, your sales team should be able to hold on to the prices in the midst of intense provocation from the market. They will need to drive the value proposition of their products powerfully and be able to crush all price related objections.

What will you learn :

• How to get highly qualified prospects and set more appointments..
• How to effectively open to close sales every time.
• How to increase revenue and boost profits immediately.
• How to generate secondary sales.
• How to crush every price related objections.
• How to drive value proposition of your products.
• How to develop the characteristics of a champion sales person.
• How to set record-breaking aspirational sales targets.
• How to make the granular road map.
• How to create the journey cycle plan.
Results :

• We shall help your organization benchmark selling skills across the Sales team.
• Ensure uniformity in selling across the organization, thereby, enhancing the effectiveness of selling and resulting in accelerated results.
• Enhance self-esteem of your sales team, motivating them to constantly raise their sales performance.
• Turn your sales team into new-age business leaders who shall take personal responsibility and accountability to enhanced sales and maximizing organizational profits by managing strategic levers of the business.
• Impact overall sales results of the organization enhancing it specific and measurable terms.