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Dear Friends,

To make this your greatest year ever I thought of designing a Greatness Manual for you in the form of a Calendar. 12 simple, yet, absolutely Game Changing Ideas are depicted, one in every page. When you keep this on your work table it will remind you of the change that you need to bring in yourself that will ultimately manifest in your job, your business, your Heath. energy and fitness, your wealth, your relationships , your performance and productivity, and you will firmly be on a Champion’s growth path. Additionally this will act as your calendar. Hope you will enjoy it.

Now how do you maximize this advantage? How do you manifest record breaking sales, or skyrocket your plant’s productivity, or build a champion team or develop outstanding leadership and managerial skills such or how do you ensure that this year is your best individual year ever. To make this happen you will need to take advantage of my programs and workshops. More than 5 lac executives and managers from over 400 companies have experienced transformation from my programs over the last 16 years.

Refer to these ideas daily and make this an unprecedented Year of Glory and Achievement both personally and professionally and take action right now.

I wish a very Happy New Year to you and your family.

Wish you all the best

With love and regards,

Soumitra Chatterjee