Catch Your Dreams ..

Goal setting in my opinion is probably the single most important exercise in life. Without goals life tends to drift away, time gets spent meaninglessly, and hence the results also are very ordinary. A goalless life is almost like a mariner in the middle of a sea with no compass.

By setting goals we bring in a purpose to our life – this provides motivation – motivation generates passion to excel – and this gives us the inspiration to commit to relentless and massive action till the time we achieve our goals. This is the simple recipe that countless outstanding achievers from various domains have followed to reach their destination.

Setting goals is also about sustaining your focus and getting the best out of yourself by maximizing your potential. It is about inventing your new future and making the invisible visible before it has happened. In order to help you invent an amazing future for yourself Soumitra has designed this world-class event – an event that will make all your dreams come true – you will identify dreams that you thought were unattainable – you will experience a joy that you thought was impossible to experience – you will experience energy which you never thought you could have ever.

This event is going to shake you up, change your life, show you the road from where you are to where you want to be, and help you transform to be the person who you always wanted to be.

What will you learn :

• How to apply the law of attraction to attract great success and prosperity in your life.
• How to identify your limiting beliefs and break through them to recapture the power that was missing in your life.
• How to create a compelling future by setting goals in every area of your life.
• How to create a time bound roadmap towards the fulfillment of all of the above.
• How to create a daily Vision Board that will keep you glued to your goals like a magnet and inspire you towards their accelerated achievement.
• How to use the incredibly powerful and groundbreaking mind techniques used by Olympic Champions like the “Success Visualization”, “Mental Rehearsal”, etc. to train your mind towards quick achievement of your goals.