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Unless the key executives (key members of the senior management) are coached well, they will not be able to provide appropriate leadership or drive the relevant extraordinary performance outcomes. Also some of them have to be coached on a one on one basis and confidentially.

There has to be a coaching mechanism which also makes the top management accountable and ensures they develop their competencies and achieve their responsibilities. In some cases behavioral and attitudinal corrections have to be made through mentoring and therapy at times otherwise their interpersonal performance can severely affect the bonding and hence the performance.

We all know today, that big coaching is in high demand worldwide-but what you may not know is that even the most sought after big coaches have multiple coaches themselves – Some of them more than 5.

We all know today, that big coaching is in high demand worldwide-but what you may not know is that even the most sought after big coaches have multiple coaches themselves – Some of them more than 5. If you want fast tract growth, if you want unreasonably, crazy big results from your people, you must follow what Apple, Microsoft, May bank, Lafarge, JP Morgan and a lot of other companies are doing worldwide to take the performance of their people to next level. They are hiring coaches.

When does an organization need Coaching & where we can be so useful

There are several circumstances under which an organization experiences the need for business coach for itself and its team members.

• Coaching to help leaders realize their potential
• Coaching as an important leadership development intervention
• Performance improvement and personal change
• Taking your business to the next level of growth

So what are the top 12 benefits of our Executive Coaching
» It is a series of one-on-one interactions designed to meet the individual needs of the coachee, focusing on personal awareness and targeted skills to improve work performance.

» It is all about bringing the change and transformation that a coachee aspires, which emanates from asking right questions and then providing the right answers.

» It is helping one coachee about reinventing oneself – creating new stories, new identities and new futures.

» It helps executives to learn and to make best use of learning in order to bring forth effective actions, performance improvements, personal growth and better business results for the organization.

» It is specific, need based, time bound and measurable, in short very very result oriented. Our executive coaching session starts with a customized assessment and ascertaining the coaching needs.

» It assists the individual in making tangible behavioral changes that would enhance leadership skills and competencies together with holistic self-improvement.

» It focuses on present challenges and future opportunities by leveraging on strengths and empowers the coachee to achieve goals.

» It allows for continuous learning, offering support, encouragement and feedback.

» It aims addressing the real workplace challenges and can either be treated as a short-term intervention or a long-term developmental process.

» It concentrates on the present context of an individual’s work and personal life and drive towards competence building in both the areas.

» Our executive coaching session is usually confidential, allowing people to freely discuss delicate issues; to shed defenses; to explore blind spots and shortcomings.

» Our executive coaching session is individually tailored to the person and the current issue or problem as opposed to the “one-size-fits-all”.

Soumitra’s extensive experience as a Coach

Soumitra Chatterjee works with senior Managers/Directors to accelerate their contribution and helping them transform into exceptional, outstanding leaders who from managing their people start managing their business.

Soumitra also specializes in working with people who need to inspire and lead their teams to ‘right’ action in complex and fast changing environments. His approach is integrative, bringing many different tools and models to work.

Over the years the feedback from clients has consistently included the following themes- warm yet prepared to challenge, professional, high integrity and easy to talk with.
He possesses a rich experience of more than 6 years in leadership development and coaching in the various sectors and industries.

Soumitra has completed his Leadership Training from Landmark Education Corporation, USA. He is also a certified Power Coach from Coaching and Leadership International (CLI) Inc.