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What results are you seeking for your organization?

We at The Center for Personal Transformation are committed towards your success and prosperity. To assist you choose the best program, we invite you to answer the set of questionnaires as given below. Rate each of the questions on what you perceive to be most desirable for your organization. Here 1 denotes the lowest and 5 denotes the most desirable.

There is high motivation level amongst employees

Your employees work as a great team with high organizational pride – great workplace relationships.

There is minimum absenteeism, minimum late coming, and less stress in the workplace

Your employees enjoy coming to work

Your employees showcase higher accountability and better quality of work

Your managers are good coaches and mentors to their subordinates

Your leadership team leads there team by examples

Your employees showcase consistent extraordinary performance month after month

Your organizational culture consists lesser workplace conflicts, faster motivation.

Your organizational culture consist high quality workplace communication - Horizontal and Vertical

Your employees trust each other more – there is more transparency and less blame in the environment

Your employees take up more innovative ideas to their workplace

Your employees value time and respect deadlines

Your employees demonstrate good presentation skills

Your employees are highly customer oriented

High degree of initiative, resourcefulness, and resource orientation

Your employees are most cost conscious

Your employees respect ISO and safety compliance measures

Your employees are more safety conscious and compliant

Your sales team achieve their sales targets more consistently