In Search Of Excellence ..

Today’s marketplace is intensely competitive. There are plenty of jobs in the market-what is missing is employability. 87% of all recruitment decisions are made in the first 15 seconds of a candidate entering the interview room.

For the student to succeed in an interview he needs to develop the following characteristics – a positive attitude, smartness, immaculate grooming and body language, ability to communicate with passion and intensity, lots of confidence, knowledge about the corporate world-ability to clearly communicate about his aspirations and ability to succeed in GDs and personal interviews.

To ensure that the polytechnic students, Engineering Grads, and MBA professionals succeed in their interviews, Soumitra has personally designed a high impacting intensive workshop titled “In Search of Excellence” that is surely going to motivate students and help them succeed in their interviews.
Course Highlights :

• Developing positive attitude and motivation.
• Corporate grooming and body language
• Developing confidence
• Developing effective communication skills
• Developing a corporate overview
• How to blossom into a successful professional
• Being successful in GDs and Interviews
Program Outcomes:

• To motivate the students and ignite their inner passion.
• To make them understand what are the skills that are required to succeed in a job interview.
• To make them identify what are the traits of personality that are required in a successful
• Corporate life and how to develop them
• How to develop confidence and sustain motivation
• How to dress, groom and develop a positive body language
• How to create a powerful first impression
• Understanding the requirements of a corporate workplace and how to develop them – The Do’s and Don’ts
• How do I be effective in GDs & Personal interviews
• How to develop Positive attitude