Plant Productivity ..

There may be numerous challenges to achieve plant productivity – starting from leadership development, breaking the silo mind set, coaching juniors, managing stress and monotony of people, ensuring proper work life balance, resolving internal conflicts, motivating, dealing with workmen and unions effectively, etc. are some of the key issues.

How better safety compliances could be ensured such that there are no fatalities, how to reduce break downs and break down time, how to enhance quality, how to minimize rejections, how to control costs more effectively, how to ensure various targets and deadlines are constantly met, etc. are also important.

How Soumitra can help you skyrocket productivity at your plants :

Through rigorous pre-work, I will first identify your key issues and key challenges and propose customized intervention to your requirements.

Through extensive use of role plays, collaborative problem identification and solution generation, identification of right processes, identification of various initiatives along with the champions who would drive the same, setting goals and formulation of granular road map w.r.t how those goals should be achieved, design a vision board, a robust review mechanism along with the template and along with this the oath document I have helped numerous client organization drive unprecedented productivity and performance at their plants – They are ACC, Lafarge, Dalmia to name a few of them.

Soumitra can help your organization :

• Achieve zero breakdown time.
• Achieve more synergy with Unions.
• Achieve Work-Life balance for your employees.
• Better compliance to processes.
• Enhance rejection control.
• Improve overall quality of your products.
• Improve housekeeping.
• Obtain higher customer satisfaction through enhanced quality improvement.
• Improve employee satisfaction.