Power Talks ..

A Power Talk is a high energy, high intensity, motivational session which creates a very high impact. It sizzles, energizes and empowers the audience. Sometimes it is seen that an organization can only spare 1 or 2 hours at the most for a session – in such cases it is the best solution. Power talks are normally customized as per organizational requirements.

They can also be termed as Keynote Presentations. A Power Talk can be the inaugural event at an AGM, a marketing meet, a distributor’s meet, a Founder’s Day function, a customer meet, etc. where there is otherwise a packed schedule. On such occasions, a Power Talk brings variety, education, entertainment and empowerment – all in one. It also breaks the monotony.

A power talk is almost like a high speed movie thriller – it has breathtaking lectures, inspiring movies and a lot of music-aided exercises. A Power talk offers a wealth of powerful ideas and strategies that one can use immediately to increase one’s income, influence others more effectively, improve one’s health, eliminate one’s fears, and experience more joy and fulfillment every day of one’s life.

High Performance Leadership

What characterizes High Performance – How can one develop these qualities and apply the same in work and life – What makes one a “Performance Leader” – How can one develop the attitudes, the habits of a “Performance Leader “ – What operative practices do they follow. This is a high speed, high intensity, highly inspiring experience for the audience that keeps them thrilled and excited every moment and leaves them with a “High”. Read More