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You should always look for the following attributes while choosing a trainer or a facilitator to conduct workshop or keynote presentation for your organization:

• Speakers who are powerful orators, story tellers, and can create the maximum impact.
• Speakers who can motivate and inspire the work force – lift them out of the lethargy, cynicism, and inertia.
• Speakers who can suggest specific actions, tools, and strategies that address some of the key challenges facing the organization.
• The speaker who have adequate, relevant experience – “Who have been there, and done that”
Why choose Soumitra Chatterjee ?

Soumitra Chatterjee has imparted over 4000 man days of training—having trained more than 2 lac executives of all levels in over 400 all India companies including several Fortune 500 companies, and over 20,000 students and close to 1000 faculties of close to 150 Engineering colleges and B-schools in the last 14 years.

Organizations like ACC, Lafarge, MOL, TCS, IBM, etc. are his esteemed clients.He has also trained and coached all categories of cricketers in Bengal – under 16, under 19, under 22, and Senior Bengal. He has also trained and coached the Kingfisher East Bengal Club.

What makes Soumitra Chatterjee rate amongst the best behavioral trainer and professional speaker?

1. Highly knowledgeable.
2. Highly impactful in his delivery.
3. Deeply committed to his audience.
4. Speaks straight from his heart.
5. Deeply passionate about making a difference.
6. Unstoppable energy and breathtakingly entertaining.
7. Extraordinary story teller – keeps the audience at the edge of their seats.
8. Experience spans over 300 companies and over 3 lac people.
9. Recipients of the rotary award for contribution towards human potential enrichment.
10. Leaves his participants with a call for action – leaves them with a huge “high”.
11. Very practical, talks customized to suit audience demography.