Testimonials ..

Dr. Sukla Basu

“Program very fruitful in understanding the modern teaching trends.”
Tumpa Sarkar

“Excellent (and. . . Just that should tell it all)”
Dr. R Sanghvi

“Excellent. An eye opener to some basic truths that apply to individuals & organizations “
Dipak Naik

“It was much more than I had expected”
Kalyan Kar

“The seed of thought was injected in the participants, which brought a lot of passion & enthusiasm in their participation. It also helped them design their roadmaps with specific deadlines.”
Sitaram Dhandhania

“The subject matter contained in the workshop was clear, concise and to the point. In this competitive market, these seminars keep you tuned in and Soumitra always shows the way to excellence. Thumps up all the way.”
Saurabh Singh

“I liked the program very much. It has helped me a lot by giving me a better insight of myself and enhanced my capabilities to remain in an aura of positiveness at all times.”