Work-life Balance ..

Executives and Managers today are very busy and chasing ambitious targets. In this mad rush to constantly surpass oneself all the time – their lifestyle goes afire – Workplace conflicts, intense competition, stress from demanding targets, constant pressure to perform, job insecurity, etc. leads to impatience, impulsiveness, anxiety and anger, paranoia, insomnia and many other psychosomatic diseases.

Adding to these there is pressure to perform on the family front. So what is the remedy – The remedy is being aware of critical health parameters, appropriate lifestyle corrections and keeping them under control, follow a balanced diet, follow a regular regime of exercise, yoga, pranayama and meditation, learning some important tips for being happy, being successful in interpersonal skills and setting goals to live a life of purpose and contribution.

What will you learn :

• You practically learn meditation that will help you calm & completely control your stress & anger.
• You will learn how to manage your time and priorities.
• How to develop long lasting relationship with family, friends and team members.
• How to design your own worklife balance system.
• How to set goals and live a life of purpose.
• How to conquer fears and limiting beliefs.
• How to become professionally more competent.
• How to overcome your negative self-talk.
• How to remain healthy & fit through appropriate diet, exercise & overcome all your addictions.
• Simple ways of remaining happy for a longer period.
• How to change your thinking pattern and remain positive.
Results :

• Improved employee communication.
• Increased employee satisfaction resulting in higher productivity.
• Increased employee motivation resulting in better retention.
• Increased employee responsibility and accountability.
• Increased trust at all levels with better team bonding.